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On reflection solidarity is really putting ourselves in the place of the oppressed, “standing and walking in their shoes”. Putting away our various privileges over them ~ whilst using them to their advantage ~ standing with them, experiencing a portion of their suffering, learning from them as an apprentice learns from a master. Making them our heroes, our role models, our superiors. Standing under them in order to understand them. To truly empathise is to willfully and consciously put ourselves through the same process, to know what the inside of that dark place looks like, to inhabit it completely, to countenance the cruelty, the prejudice, the judgment, the denial, the dispossession, the rejection, the marginalisation and dehumanisation and feel the outrage of knowing we are all equal in God’s eyes and yet we are not treating ourselves or each other as such. Knowing that there is no ‘us and them’, we are all one and therefore how we treat each other Is how we treat ourselves. There is no separation_- it is only an illusion. The truth is that we are all united – in discord and harmony. Solidarity is then a recognition of that unity.

عصفور طل من الشباك Bird looks through the Window