Over the past 5 years we’ve toured refugee camps and shelters around Europe and in Lebanon and Palestine, bringing live music and Arabic songs which many people know and love from back home and enjoy singing along with. It helps them remember happier times and forget their current difficulties and generally gives a sense of unity and belonging, of recognition and being seen and valued, just as they are, where they are. After this last year and a half of isoliation and relative stasis, with the restrictions of movement we’ve all faced to varying degrees, making it difficult to do much of our work but easier to relate to people for whome this situation is sadly normal, I would like to embark on a tour of as many camps, in as many countries as possible, given the travel complications. I can only do this with your kind and generous support and it is, of course, not without some personal risk. I will naturally take regular tests and wear masks, socially distance and only do small scale outdoor recitals, in order to protect others as much as possible. Hopefully our efforts will bring joy, hope and comfort to people, many of whome often feel forgotten

                                                                      Just Giving

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